Helping Mount Juliet With Wills, Trusts And Estate Planning Documents

It is never too early or too late to make plans regarding the important parts of your life in the event you pass away or become incapacitated and cannot make such decisions on your own. Without legal planning, the guardianship of your children, plans for the family farm, personal heirlooms or even burial arrangements may not be carried out as you wish.

Small Practice Helping Fellow Citizens Plan For The Unexpected

At Mount Juliet Law, PLLC, our staff can help you prepare documents that address your wishes regarding your property, children and every other aspect of your life.

We are a smaller law firm that takes pride in serving the Mount Juliet community. Our lawyers both live and work in the area and have helped individuals with various aspects of estate planning and other legal matters for many years.

Wills And Trusts

We often assist with drafting wills, a document that states your final wishes and instructions about property distribution and guardianships regarding children. We also help draft trusts, or documents separate from a will that outline certain assets that are to pass onto specific parties after you pass away.


We also assist with aspects regarding the appointment of a conservator for individuals who are disabled or incapacitated and "in need of full or partial supervision, protection, and assistance by reason of mental illness, physical illness or injury, developmental disability or other mental or physical incapacity."

If you are looking to establish a conservator who takes on the decision-making responsibility of another's financial affairs, medical decisions or personal matters, we can help.

Statutory Durable Powers Of Attorney For Finances And Healthcare

We also assist individuals with financial powers of attorney, or directives that appoint an individual to manage your finances in the event you pass away or are unable to make such decisions on your own accord.

Similar to durable powers of attorney for finances, we can help create medical powers of attorney, or specific instructions that outline your healthcare wishes in the event you become injured or ill and cannot make such preferences on your own.

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If you have concerns regarding the future of your children, your property or other assets and need assistance with estate planning documents, contact our attorneys, Quincy Salam or Derrick Green, to schedule a free consultation. We can talk about the options available. We can also offer advice about the requirements under the law in more detail and how they are beneficial.

We also assist with probate and estate administration.